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Based on all relevant data, we provide you with meaningful figures on the value of your premium or luxury property.

Property valuation for premium and luxury properties

Those who know the true values make the right decisions

We appreciate the special features of your property – in every sense of the word. For this reason, Baden-Württemberg Sotheby’s International Realty is the perfect contact for the valuation of your exclusive property. We attach great importance to details and quality, so you can rely on a realistic assessment of the market value of your property.

Leading expertise: property valuation for premium and luxury properties

The basis for your marketing is to become aware of every detail of the property.

We carry out a detailed valuation including all important factors. It’s not just about the number of square meters and size, but also about the uniqueness, the character of your property and what constitutes its extraordinary charm.

Reason No.1

A premium or luxury property enables special living in a desirable location: whether it is a penthouse in the city center or a villa with a spacious plot of land – the location is one of the most important features. We know exactly how much the location increases the value of your property and take this into account explicitly when determining the value.

Reason No.2

In addition to the living space, garden areas, balconies, terraces and garages are also of great importance for the valuation. The dimensions of individual components also have an influence on the purchase decision of our national and international clientele.

Property valuation

Reason No.3
Quality & style

Whether it’s a modern penthouse or a historic villa with a preservation order – we have an eye for quality and style. We know about the individuality and special character of each property and that both are reflected in the market value.

Reason No.4

Every property is unique, and almost always has an equally unique equipment, which is taken into account in the valuation. Luxurious materials, extraordinary equipment details and custom-made installations are of the utmost importance to us and have a significant impact on the selling price of your property.

Reason No.5

From the impressive swimming pool to the fully equipped private gym, we get a comprehensive impression of the features that will make your luxury property unique. Luxury properties impress with their unique character, which is appreciated by national and international prospects in our global network.

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